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Christian Faith

Christian Faith

New Lambton Uniting Church is part of the Christian church. Although Christians come from all walks of life and cultures we are united in a number of important ways. Firstly, Christians are people who try to follow Jesus, the Christ. We believe that Jesus shows us who God is more clearly than anyone or anything else. It is through Jesus that we can understand that God loves us and wants to be connected to us. In Jesus we find a way of relating to God. Importantly, we do not believe that this is the only way to understand God – we know that people see God in nature, the immensity of the universe, in families and other intimate human contact. And yet there is something special about Jesus – the way that he lived a life of servant leadership and sacrifice; the way he healed and transformed lives in community and love – which inspires us and gives us our example for living good lives. In Jesus, we see that God loves and forgives all people and works with us, around us and through us to renew the world.

At New Lambton Uniting Church, we do not believe that Christians are any better or holier than anyone else. Instead, we believe that despite our weaknesses and sin God can work through us for good purposes. Our spiritual life gets its strength and direction from the Spirit of God. We gather together to work for justice and the richness of life for all people. In our congregation we support each other practically and through prayer. And when we meet for worship we read the Bible and pray together we ask for God’s guidance and strength to live lives of gratitude, humility and joy. God loves all people and all people are welcome in the church.

Location & service times

Trinity Worship Centre

Corner Portland Place and Regent Street,
New Lambton NSW 2305

9.30am All age worship service every Sunday (with Kids Unite Sunday every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month during school terms).